Beginners and Advance Traffic Signal and Transportation Training

Level I Training

Level II Training

Level III Training

Signal Design

Signal Inspection

Traffic Signal Construction

This training is designed for traffic signal technicians and engineers who want to understand advance traffic signal design and timing, operation, programing  of 2070 traffic signal controller.


   Understanding the meaning and terminology of    

   Duel Entry, Simultaneous Gap, Conditional Service,   Barrier, Non Actuate and more.

Phasing and How it work

   Simple and complex intersection phasing start with split   phasing, permissive phasing, double cycle and   more


   Understanding basic and complex traffic signal controller    timing   operation.     

Traffic Study

   What is a traffic study and why we need it. Learn  how  to   use it and develop timing for complex intersection .


  Using detection to calculating the best way to program   traffic signal controller

Transit Priority and RR programing

  How to set and prioritize timing for both emergency    vehicles and RR tracks.

This is a one days training  

Timing Course Objectives


  How to program different type of splits and cycle length in   traffic Signal controller for optimum operation.


  Programing, communication and setting IP addresses for   traffic signal intersection.


  Understanding controller hardware and the needed to   operate and communicate with the intersection.


  Advance traffic signal design and the latest Caltrans   Electrical System Design Manual

LR-03 Level III Traffic Signal Timing and 2070 Controller

$349 Per student

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