Traffic Signal Cabinets Protection

Some causes of electrical shorts in traffic signal cabinets are: dirt and dust; water; insects and rodents. Traffic signal cabinets sit on concrete bases that create a fine dust over time. The fan inside the cabinet is designed to keep the electronics cool, during summer months the fan distributes that dust which then settles on the electronics. When rainwater gets trapped inside a cabinet, the outside temperature and heat from the electronics creates humidity. Over time, the humidity corrodes the metal cabinet in addition to damaging the electronics inside. When insects and rodents get inside traffic signal cabinets, their nests and webs build up over time and cause electrical damage.

Protekseal is a liner made of industrial plastic with a heavy rubber gasket designed to keep damaging elements out of traffic signal cabinets. The plastic liner is installed on top of the concrete base to create a barrier between it and the electronics inside the cabinet. The heat and moisture resistant gasket is then placed on top of the liner before the cabinet is installed. The weight of the cabinet presses the gasket and liner together creating a seal against rainwater and other outside elements.