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This training is designed for traffic signal technicians, consultants and engineers who understand the concept of traffic signal timing. The training covers the basic details of traffic signal timing including definitions, phasing, timing design, traffic study and different types of coordination.


   Understanding the meaning and terminology of    Traffic signal timing such as:

   Duel Entry, Simultaneous Gap, Conditional    Service, Barrier, Non Actuate and more.

Phasing and How it work

   Simple and complex intersection phasing starts with    your knowledge of understanding the basic timing    and the best use of it, split phasing, permissive    phasing, double cycle and more.


   Most  traffic signal technicians and engineers have    difficulty with how timing in the controller works. We    will  train you on basic and complex controller timing    operation.     

This is a one day training  

Course Objectives

Traffic Study

   What is a traffic study and why we need it. Learn  how to    use it to develop timing and intersection design .


   Understanding  the relationship between cycle length,    offset and split will help you develop the best type of    coordination to move traffic faster and safer. You will

   Learn about different types of coordination and how to    choose the one that works  best for vehicles and    pedestrians in your city.

LR-05 Traffic Signal Timing

$299 Per student

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