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Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering

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LR-07 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering

This one day training provides working engineering and planning professionals an overview of the main concepts used in traffic engineering.

Participants will learn the complex issues facing the transportation professionals and how to navigate these issues while adhering to legal, economic and political realities.

Participants will also learn the need and use of appropriate data in decision making and a diverse approach to tackling the transportation engineering challenges. Two class interactive engagements will encourage the sharing of experience and knowledge among the participants.

Module 1. Engineering and Planning Interactions 

Module 2. Influence of Human Factors 

Module 3.  Incorporating Politics and Advocacy in Transportation 

Module 4. Improving the

The course is taught by a team of expert practicing engineers and academics. Each student receives a copy of the best selling 16th Edition of Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering.

$299 Per student

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